Tuesday, July 30, 2013

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Monday, July 15, 2013

How to make a Stretch Bracelet using Elastic Cord

Stretch Bracelets is fun and simple to construct. They can be made by using all kinds of gemstones, fancy beads, crystal and pearls. However, there are some technique that you have to learn to make bracelets that won't fall apart.

Tutorial of making a Stretch Bracelet by Glass Beads and Elastic Cord
Stretch Bracelet made with Glass Beads

Materials needed to make stretch bracelets.

1. Elastic Cord / Stretch Cord

Elastic Stretch Cord in different sizes and colors.
Elastic / Stretch Cord in different sizes and colors

You can buy Colored Elastic Cord in our store.

Just like other stringing materials, elastic cords come in different thickness. Thickness is measured by mm (for example: 1.0mm is thicker than 0.5mm). The cord should easily fit through most of the holes of the beads. If you are using heavy or large beads, it's better to use thicker cord.

2. Beads
You can use a lot of different kinds of beads, small & medium size beads usually work better. There may be gaps if you use beads which are too large (over 10mm) or too heavy. Avoid beads with rough edges as it may cut into the cord and damage it.

3. Glue
Apply a little bit of glue onto the knot of the bracelet to add extra strength. GS Hypo Cement is a good choice, it has a tiny tip for easy and accurate application. You can buy GS Hypo in our store.

GS Hypo Cement - Glue for Jewelry Making

Start making the stretch bracelet

1. Measure the size of your wrist. Cut the elastic/stretch cord according to the size you need, remember to add an extra 1 inch (2.5cm) on each side of the cord, so that you have enough extra cord to tie your knot.

2. Use a paper clip or sticky tape on one end of the cord and start stringing your beads.

3. After you had finished adding your beads, you have to tie a knot to "close" the bracelet. Take each side of the elastic cord and tie an overhand knot, pull it tightly. Then tie another overhand knot in the opposite direction and again pull the knot tightly. If you want a more secure knot, you can tie a third overhand knot.

Tie an overhand knot and pull it tightly.

Tie another overhand knot in the opposite direction and again pull the knot tightly.

4. Cut the extra cord close the knot and try to hide the knot inside the hole of the nearest bead. You can use a large hole bead to hide the knot if your knot is large.

5. Apply a tiny drop of GS Hypo glue to the knot to further strength the knot. Let the glue dry for a few hours.

6. Alternatively you can use crimp beads/cover to close and hide the knot, however, avoid poor quality crimp bead or crimp with sharp edges as they may weaken or even cut into the cord. 

7. Let the glue dry for a few hours before wearing.

That's done and you make yourself a great stretch bracelet!