Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to make a wire loop?

Method 1

Only 3 steps that you have to follow to make a wire loop in a prefect shape.

1. Bend the wire into a right angle with a chain nose pliers. 

2. Turn the wire to the opposite side by using the round nose pliers.

3. Keep turning the wire to make the wire loop as round as it can be.

Method 2

This time you may need a longer wire to finish it.

1. Follow step 1-3 in method 1.


2. Grip the wire loop by using the round nose pliers while wrapping the wire by using the chain nose pliers.

3. Decide how many coils that you want, two, three or four.

4. Cut off the excess wire, and remember to flatten the cut off point of the wire by using the chain nose pliers because it is quite sharp and pointed.

To secure your jewelery, method 2 is suggested to be used. The simple loop pin(eye pin) can be easily opened by any accident, and this may cause your jewelry falling apart.

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