Friday, February 22, 2013

DIY Swarovski Rhinestones Hair Clip

Easy to made DIY Sparkling Hair Clip using Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones

We can create many different styles of rhinestones hair clips by using Swarovski rhinestones which are gorgeous and sparkling. Let's start to make our own style and start with a simple pattern.

Here's what we may need:

1 x Metal Hair Clip

Swarovski 2058 Xilion Rose Enchanced Flatback Rhinestones SS10 Black Diamond, Hair Clip & GS Hypo Glue

The best way to design a rhinestones hair clip is to rehearse the patterns you like onto the hair clip before putting glue. After you had decided on an ideal pattern, you may start to stick it now.

We will make a simple pattern using Black Diamond SS10 Rhinestones

Squeeze a small amount of GS glue onto the clip.

Squeeze a little bit of GS Hypo Glue onto the clip

Get a piece of rhinestone by using the rhinestones picker wax pen(which is my best helper when I making rhinestones stuffs).

Stick the rhinestone using the rhinestone picker pencil

Put the rhinestone onto the glue and position it.

It's easy using the rhinestones picker pencil

Only 3 simple steps, you can make many different patterns and styles of sparkling rhinestones hair clips. 

You can design different pattern & colors

You can purchase this hair clip kit set from

Enjoy your DIYing rhinestones hair clips!

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