Friday, February 15, 2013

DIY Seed beads & Rhinestones Hair Band Kit Sets Tutorial

Here's what you may need:

1 x Plastic Cabochon Setting, 20mm inner diameter, 6mm thick, 3mm hole width

1 x Elastic Band 1mm, 40cm long

First, put plenty of GS Hypo Cement Glue onto the plastic cabochon setting.

And, put the seed beads in it until the plastic cabochon setting is fully filled with seed beads.

Then, hold the plastic cabochon setting upside-down and knock the back lightly to check any of seed beads falling apart. If there is any, put it back with glue again. This step is important because seed beads have small area to attach to the surface of the cabochon setting, and enough glue is a must to keep seed beads to be stuck firmly. I would like to give it 24 hours for drying this time due to the large amount of glue. 

After drying is done, insert these two pieces of elastic band(20cm for each) through the holes of cabochon setting.

At last, tie these elastic band together to make a band.

Other patterns were made with 2058 Swarovski non-hotfix rhinestones.

GS Hypo Cement Glue is great for handmade crafts, such as crystals jewelry making, beads crafting, and crystal accessories. It dries in several minutes which allows the parts to be positioned before setting. It dries clear and is long lasting which can keep the crystals firmly and would not be fallen apart. It is easy to use because its needle pointed head and would not bond fingers. There is a little smell when you are using it.


  • Clean the needle pointed head after use
  • Insert the cap wire when not in use
  • Flatten the tube instead of rolling it to prevent any tears in the tube

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